HAJJ 2022 is 1,000,000 Hajjie inshaAllah

1 Million Hajjie for 2022

Saudi government decided for 1 million Hajjies this year ( 150,000 from inside and 850,000 from outside Saudi Arabia )


USA Hajj quota is expected to exceed 9000 hajjes for the year 2022, this is about 40% of the regular volume, as we are updating this page there is no official distribution for the quota over the travel agents yet. No one as of 4/24/2022 officially know how may hajjes they are allowed to have. This is one of the reasons why rates are not published yet.


We are not asking for a deposit now, you can register your name, we can not release the rates as many cost factors are still not clear, like the cost of the Manasik ( Mashaier – Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa …etc ) it is not clear yet in addition to the rules and regulations.

We can only release the rates when everything is 100% clear to us and to you. 

Many customers in the past 2 years paid deposit to some companies and can not retrieve their money back and some companies are trying hard not to give refund., Also rules also have changed for example now those who are over 65 years have to wait till 2023.

This why Heaven Tours will not ask for a deposit unless everything is complete and confirmed and all the rules and regulations and rates are officially published.

Updated 4/24/2022


Airlines Arrangments

Depending on which city you are flying from, and which program you join you will have the best available choice of the prime airline choice. All of our group bookings are Hajj Contracts, we do not risk our passenger’s trip by booking a regular tickets. Hajj must be done with Hajj fare for the airline ticket with most of the airlines. Otherwise those who book regular tickets are risking the trip by to be denied boarding or pay the difference at the airports.




We plan the programs carefully, making sure that you have the leaders and all of manpower dedicated for everyone in our groups.  Programs are offering you all VIP packages at  different levels of rates and different length of stay.

Approximately departure  for Long Programs 22/23 Jun and Returning 14/15/16 July. and for the medium length of stay Departure 28/29 Jun n that to keep our Hajjies and returning also 14-16 Jul. Programs can not be shortened more that to keep the Hajjie relaxed, energetic, focused and enjoying the trip.

Hajj Age

Saudi government decided to limit hajj for those under 65 years old only for the year 2022. Age calculation is based on a max 65 years old by 12 MAY 2022

ضوابط موسم هذا العام 1443هـ/2022م Regulations for this year's season 1443 AH / 2022 AD

ضوابط موسم هذا العام 1443هـ/2022م

Regulations for this year’s season 1443 AH / 2022 AD

With approved vaccines to enter the Kingdom, which are:

1- Pfizer Biotech.


3- Oxford AstraZeneca.





8- Sputnik V

9- Covofax


Second: It is required to submit a negative test for Coronavirus

(COVID-19) for a sample taken within (72) hours from the date of departure for

the Kingdom.

Third: The requirement to wear a mask while performing Hajj in

all places (closed and open).

Fourth: The requirement to obtain insurance that includes

coverage of treatment costs for infection with Coronavirus (COVID-19) for

pilgrims abroad during their stay in the Kingdom during this year’s Hajj


Fifthly: This year’s Hajj will be for those who are less than 65

years old, and the number of pilgrims from the high-risk category should be

reduced (those with active cancer and those with organ failure).



ضوابط موسم هذا العام 1443هـ/2022م

أولاً : اشتراط استكمال التحصينات

الاٍساسية بلقاحات معتمدة للدخول المملكة وهي:

1-     فاييزر


2-     موديرنا


3-     أكسفورد


4-     جانسن


5- سينوفورم.

6-     ساينوفاك


7-     كوفاكسين


8-     الجمالية

(سبوتنك الخامس) .

9-     كوفوفاكس

10 نوفاكسوفيد – Nuvaxovid

ثانياً : اشتراط تقديم فحص سلبي لفيروس

كورونا (COVID-19) لعينة أخذت خلال (72) ساعة من موعد المغادرة للمملكة .

ثالثاً : اشتراط لبس الكمامة أثناء أداءمناسك الحج في جميع الأماكن (المغلقة والمفتوحة) .

رابعاً : اشتراط الحصول على تأمين يتضمن

تغطية تكاليف العلاج من الإصابة بفسروس كورونا (COVID-19) على حجاج الخارج خلال فترة وجودهم بالمملكة خلال موسم حج هذا العام .

خامساً : يكون حج هذا العام لمن هم أقل من (65) عاماً ميلادياً ، وتقليل عدد الحجاج من الفئة عالية المخاطر مثل (المصابين بالسرطان النشط ، والمصابين بقصور في وظائف الأعضاء) .


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